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Ceiling Fan Light Kit Bulbs

ceiling fan light bulbs






Many of the energy saving lamps, such as compact fluorescent (CFL) or LED, can be directly substituted for incandescent or halogen lamps. E27 Edison based sockets provide the greatest number of options to consumers. These lamps come in many shapes such as Spiral, Candle, PAR, and GLS. Because designs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and product type, it will be the consumer’s responsibility to check for fit in any Hunter fan product. When we advise consumers to use halogen or incandescent lamps, these are the MAXIMUM rated bulbs to fit in the product based on heat concerns and wattage consumption.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps:
Some of the CFL lamps are dimmerable and can be used with the dimming function of our RF controls. Consumers should be aware of this when selecting a replacement lamp. Non-dimmerable bulbs will work effectively; however, the consumer must be aware that they should not use the dimming function of the control. Improper use could damage the control and/or the lamp. We do not accept any responsibility to the product due to improper dimming of lamps.
Lemoyne Fan (models 24091, 24098, & 274095) Halogen:
This fan is equipped with an E27 base socket and any CFL or LED lamp can be directly substituted for the 40w halogen or incandescent as long as it will fit the outer portion of the lampholder.
3 Light GU-10 cast fitter (models 24420, 24422, 24423, 24426, 24427, & 24428):
Any GU-10 based CFL or LED lamp can be directly substituted into this product (assuming proper fit).
Mandalay Light Kit (models 24302 & 24306):
Any GU-10 based CFL or LED lamp can be directly substituted into this product (assuming proper fit).
R7s Halogens used in the Sonic (24362 & 24363), Merced (24085, 24086, & 24087),
Retro (24256, 24257, & 24258), & Lugano (24261, 24262, & 24266):
Currently there are no confirmed products that will fit directly into the R7s lamp base. Please consult bulb manufacturers for options. We do not guarantee they will fit into the glass globe housing of the fan. Consumers bear the burden of the product fitting inside our fans. Hunter has seen a CFL and a metal halide replacement that claims to fit the R7s base, but we have not obtained samples to check fit and function with products.
All other Hunter fans and accessory light kits not listed above:
As stated earlier, if the energy saving lamp will fit the consumer’s product, it will work. The type and wattage bulb listed in Hunter literature and packaging is only the maximum recommended types.