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Home Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans For The Home

Why Use A Ceiling Fan At Home?


You want your home to be the most comfortable place to live.  Also if and when you work at home you want your office to be pleasant too.  So when it gets hot it makes perfect sense to use a ceiling fan.  Upstairs rooms such as bedrooms, offices and loft conversions are vulnerable to overheating in the summer months due to the fact that hot air rises and also as the roof and space under it heat up so do the rooms directly under it – sometimes unbearably.  These two factors create a pincer movement that make any life upstairs very unpleasant during the daytime.  Large windows and skylights can help but if it is 25 °C outside that will not help at all.

Bungalows and apartments on the top floors will also fall into the suffering category.  You need to have air movement to feel comfortable.  You also need to be able to draw in cooler air in the evenings and early mornings to cool down the brickwork and fabric of your home so that it remains cool for a much larger portion of the day.  If you go into another hot day with the building not properly cooled down from the previous day the heat simply compounds and becomes unbearable earlier on in the day eg by mid-morning instead of lunchtime or mid-afternoon.


The Benefits

There are many benefits of using a ceiling fan in your home:

    1. Cooling – A ceiling fan will not only gently stir the air providing a very gentle breeze at night thus keeping the home fresh and cool.  If a window can be opened without letting in noise and pollution then a ceiling fan is great at drawing in the cool air and circulating it even through a small opening.
    2. Get rid of stuffiness – This gentle stirring will get rid of the stuffiness and moisture that builds up in a bedroom overnight.  Typically a liter of water is expelled for each adult over night which can result in very humid and sweaty conditions.  If you are not lucky enough to have double-aspect windows it will be very hard to get air flowing through your rooms.
    3. No dry air – Air conditioning will dry out the eyes and respiration system making it uncomfortable for guests.
    4. No health hazards – Air conditioning systems are well known for transmitting diseases. Whilst legionnaires disease isn’t going to be found in all systems less fatal diseases are found in abundance.
    5. No noise – Whinning, humming and buzzing noises from the HVAC system can easily prevent a good night’s sleep. A decent ceiling fan will move the air with no noise at all.
    6. Environmentally friendly – since they consume a fraction of the energy of an air conditioning system they are helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
    7. Save costs – Apart from saving a large amount of energy they are a far more cost-effective cooling option than air conditioning. They save about 90% of the capital cost since there is no ducting or tubing to run,  as well as 95% of the running costs.



The importance of a quiet ceiling fan


In the bedroom at the still of night any small noise or hum can be extremely annoying.  So a ceiling fan has to be totally quiet.  It should also be on slow speed able to move a decent amount of air also to keep any possible air movement noise down.  This can be achieved if the air if flowing in a laminar regime ie not turbulent.  A correctly sized fan with the right sized blades is essential.  A slow gentle laminar flow can make all the difference between a sticky sweaty night and a decent night’s sleep.  For this reason stand, pedestal and desk fans are a definite “no no” when it comes to bedrooms.