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Why Use A Ceiling Fan In A Hotel Bedroom?

The comfort of the guest is paramount for a hotel to be successful. In the hot summer months this means having a decent ventilation system since hotel rooms tend to be small and stuffy. Often they are located next to a noisy busy main road which prohibits the opening of the windows for both noise and pollution reasons. Many times the windows are any case are often locked “for safety reasons”. To be in such a situation with absolutely no air movement at all is tantamount to purgatory.

Since it only ever gets hot enough to use air-conditioning in the UK for just a few weeks a year it really is overkill for what is needed and so any system that is deployed tends to be undersized and under spec’d to keep the costs down. Since the system is used so little not least to save on running costs, it inevitably breaks down when cranked up to the maximum at the first heatwave of the summer. The costs of maintenance are thus significant. When you factor in all the costs of running such a system then the true cost for just those few weeks is astronomical.

The Benefits Of Using A Ceiling Fan

There are many benefits of using a ceiling fan in a hotel bedroom:

    1. Cooling – A ceiling fan will not only gently stir the air providing a very gentle breeze at night thus keeping the guests at a comfortable temperature.  If a window can be opened without letting in noise and pollution then a ceiling fan is great at drawing in the cool air and circulating it even through a small opening.
    2. Get rid of stuffiness – This gentle stirring will get rid of the stuffiness and moisture that builds up in a small hotel bedroom overnight.
    3. No dry air – Air conditioning will dry out the eyes and respiration system making it uncomfortable for guests.
    4. No health hazards – Air conditioning systems are well known for transmitting diseases. Whilst legionnaires disease isn’t going to be found in all systems less fatal diseases are found in abundance.
    5. No noise – Whinning, humming and buzzing noises from the HVAC system can easily prevent a good night’s sleep. A decent ceiling fan will move the air with no noise at all.
    6. Environmentally friendly – since they consume a fraction of the energy of an air conditioning system they are helping the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
    7. Save costs – Apart from saving a large amount of energy they are a far more cost-effective cooling option than air conditioning. They save about 90% of the capital cost since there is no ducting or tubing to run,  as well as 95% of the running costs.


The Management Response

Many hotels in the UK simply don’t bother with any form of air cooling because they consider that the only option is expensive air-conditioning. This means that when a heatwave hits then things become unbearable in the bedrooms and the helpless staff are left having to placate the angry customers and make emergency purchases of cheap desk or tower fans which are noisy and ineffective – that last thing you need in a bedroom.  In the quiet of night in a bedroom the slightest noise gets amplified and so small noisy fans like these are a definite “no no”.

Why Loose Business To Your Competition?

Why watch your guests all disappear to the nearest hotel which is cool and can charge higher prices for worst quality rooms?   Far better to install a small but effective ceiling fan in each bedroom which will not only make the room bearable during a heatwave but far more comfortable in the spring and autumn when the air gets hot and stuffy even with the window open.

How A Ceiling Fan Can Make Air-Conditioning Better

If you already have air conditioning installed and would like to simply save yourself 30% on the running costs then just install a ceiling fan.  You can then turn down the setting on the air-con as the extra air movement and associated wind-chill factor will mean that it feels the same the only difference is that you save energy and money!

Existing AC  systems are often very noisy –even the so called “quiet” ones – due to the tiny fans inside that have to spin fast to make any impact.  No so when you install a ceiling fan since the setting of the AC can be turned down low as it only needs to trickle out a small amount of cool air while the ceiling fan takes over the job of providing a gentle and totally quiet stirring.  This creates the perfect solution for the guest who now has a choice of what he wants to ensure a great night’s sleep.

Ceiling Fans For Hotel Common Areas

There are plenty of other places around a hotel where ceiling fans can be indispensable such as corridors, receptions and eating places.  The restaurant areas especially if in the open air can become unbearable if there is no breeze from outside especially in the quiet summer evenings.  However be very careful about what models you use outside as they need to be IP rated for damp or wet use.  There are a few very durable and corrosion-proof ceiling fans made from 316 stainless steel such as the Matthews-Atlas Donaire that are perfect for the outside wet or salty sea air environment.