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What Makes A Hunter Fan Motor Special?

Hunter fan motor cutaway

A Technical Look Inside a Hunter Fan AirMax Motor

At the very heart of every fan is something very special.  It is the force that drives it, makes it work and keeps it going year-in year-out with no groans, buzzes, hums.  Here we are going to take a closer technical look inside Hunter’s flagship AirMax ceiling fan motor to show why it is superior to those of the competition – if you can even find a competitor that will open up it’s motor to inspection!    Above is a typical Hunter motor that I am holding in my hand to show you the important differences.  Let’s take a closer look:


1.Hunterfan_motor_construction Lightweight Rugged Die-Cast Aluminium Materials – To dissipate heat more effectively, provide a longer life and be light to install easily and suspend from a ceiling.
2. Internal Integral Impeller  – Literally a “Fan-within-a-fan” to help cool the motor assembly and keep it working optimally and efficiently.
3. Multiple Cooling Fins – To move more air flow through the motor which is what a ceiling fan is all about.
4. Precision Sealed Bearings – Lubricated for life and made to exact tolerances to provide years of trouble-free service.
5. Heavy Gauge Copper Windings – To provide energy efficiency and reliability by not operating at the absolute limit and handling most power surges without breaking.
6. Silicon Steel Laminations – To ensure a quiet operating performance with no annoying buzzes or hums that often develop on cheaper motors.
7. 130 Years of Design Experience – No other company can match Hunter for its longevity.  130 years of practical experience guarantees that every Hunter motor is the best in class with many innovations and features.

Built with Decades of Technology

As you can see this is no ordinary motor.   It is built with expensive, quality components with great skill and packed with decades of practical technological research and development experience.   Hunter possesses hundreds of patents that it has gained over decades of innovation and creativity that cement it’s place as one of the top global ceiling fan brands. Compare this with what the competitors offer if they even are willing to open up their motors to close scrutiny!  No wonder Hunter provides a Lifetime Warranty on all its ceiling fans.