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MrKen Wood Ceiling Fan Gives Perfect Night’s Sleep in City Flat

Problem: A small ex-council estate flat built in the 1930s on the Arnold Estate in Bermondsey has a small ground floor bedroom with a noisy road and railway line outside.  The hot and stuffy room meant broken sleep with the couple both waking many times a night. Opening the window was a security risk being on the ground floor and the blinds meant a lot of noise and light coming in which only made the matter worse.

Solution:  The owners installed a silent and beautiful MrKen Wood designer fan that looks stunning and whose simple design complements the room.  They run this on a low setting so that it draws in and circulates a small steady flow of fresh air through window that is keep just slightly open to limit any noise coming in.  They run this not only in the summer but winter too which keeps the room fresh without getting cold.  In the summer the excess heat is removed from the room by opening the window a little more.  The fan uses next to no energy just 5 watts on low speed.  The blinds are now kept shut keeping out the light and the fan being completely silent just does it’s job resulting in a much improved night’s sleep for both partners who are delighted with the results.

Additional info: Although the room was quite small 11′ x 11’6″ (3.3 x3.5m) we recommended the 52″ (132cm) diameter MrKen rather than a smaller size so that at night, when every small sound can be heard, that there would be no wind noise whatsoever as it would perform well at slow speed 1 or 2 out of 6.  It also gave spare capacity should it ever get to high temperatures in the peak of summer so it could remove the hot air from the room effectively.

Installation note: The ceiling is 9ft (3m) high meaning a drop-rod version can be used (smaller heights need to use a hugger version) made of solid concrete which made it very easy to install with just 2 x 6cm screws and replacing where the light fitting was before so no extra wiring was needed.  It is operated by remote control and can be easily isolated by just switching off at the wall.  The whole job was done in just over 1 hour including balancing the blades.

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