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Henley Kestrel Solid-Wood Designer Eco DC LED Ceiling Fan 52″/132cm, 46w High-Power, Lifetime Warranty – New for 2024!

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The Kestrel features beautiful carved solid-wood blades and is part of our own-brand range of high specification, great-value fans for about 1/3 less than the big name brands.  It is great for small to medium-sized rooms especially bedrooms due to it’s silent operation.

It has a powerful 46 watt 6-speed DC motor that runs at 2/3 the maximum to be extra-energy efficient and quiet.   It delivers an impressive max airflow of 10,600 m3/hr and has an integral low-energy LED light kit.  The Kestrel comes with a Lifetime Warranty and 3-year rust-proof warranty.


Henley Kestrel with LED Light, High-Powered Designer Ceiling Fan – New for 2024!


✔️Ultra-efficient 6-speed remote controlled eco-DC motor

✔️More powerful copper-wire motor duty 46w cf 35w of competition

✔️High airflow at max speed of 220 rpm of 10,638 m3/h at 35w

✔️Beautiful solid-wood carved aerofoil-style blades (same style as Zephyr)

✔️Totally silent brushless motor – perfect for bedrooms

✔️LED Light – 16 w low energy 600 lumens equivalent to 50 watt normal

✔️Lifetime warranty on motor (UL & CE certified)

✔️3-Year finish rust-proof warranty

✔️Great value own-brand, 1/3 cheaper than other big brands!

✔️Manufactured in one of the best Taiwanese fan factories.


The Henley Kestrel Motor & Blades

The Henley Kestrel is a great-value, state-of-the-art mid-priced designer ceiling fan which is one of the most efficient and powerful motors on the market.  It has a unique high-duty 46w (cf the normal 35 w of competitors) DC brushless motor which is ultra-low energy design using extra-efficient copper windings with silicon steel laminations and precisely controlled with a special wave-form to save energy.

The solid-wood blades are made from light but strong sycamore wood from certified sustainable forests.  The wood is seasoned for 9 months to prevent it warping and then made into blocks that are CNC carved out to the 3D curved windmill shape.  They are hand-finished and spray-painted before being balanced in sets to eliminate any wobbles on the fan.


The Henley Kestrel LED Light Kit

The light kit is a low-energy LED which has a colour temperatures of standard pure white (4,000K).   The energy use is 17 watts giving an equivalent light of 50 watts and 600 lumens.  The light shade is made from frosted glass.


Henley Fan Birds of Prey Range

To commemorate our 25 years in business milestone we have launched our own brand range of mid-market solid-wood, high efficiency, DC ultra-low energy ceiling fans with a high quality specification for about 1/3 less than similar brands.  The range comprises the Falcon, Kestrel and Harrier models chosen to reflect the elegance, efficiency, power and precision of these amazing birds in mastering the air-stream.  We achieve this by going direct to the factory and passing on the savings.

The Falcon range sits under our other own-brand Zephyr range at a lower price point of £400-450 with smaller blade sizes at 42″/107cm and 52″/132cm and less ornate blades but with the same high quality. The Falcon range is manufactured by one of the best ceiling fan factories in the World in Taiwan by a family business who were established in 1965.  They have been producing them for over 40 years and supply some of the best quality global ceiling fan brands which sell for 50% higher prices in other countries.  The range has beautiful contemporary finishes for the motor and very stylish carved solid-wood blades in either drop-rod or hugger style, with and without LED lights.


What is a DC Ceiling Fan?

Some people wrongly assume that a DC ceiling fan needs special DC wiring.  This is not the case as the fan is fed by normal 220/240v mains AC (typically off the lighting circuit) and the electronic driver converts it into a DC voltage chops the wave form and converts it back to AC again before feeding it to the motor.  This is done to give a very precise 6-speed control and big energy saving without any loss of power.  The driver also receives the Wi Fi signal from the remote handset.


Compare Our Motor Performance with the Competition

All of our competitors’ DC fans that look similar to this have a cheaper motor duty of only 35 watts and often without quality copper wires but cheaper aluminium wire which is not as efficient or reliable.  Our own brand Zephyr fan does have a larger motor at 60 w duty but is detuned to a maximum power output of 30 w to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability. The Kestrel is set to 35 w for the same reasons.  The graphs compare the air moved and fan speeds for the Kestrel/Falcon fans (same figures) along with our three different sized Zephyr fans and the MrKen Wood which has a smaller 35 w motor and is limited to 30w.








Many brands’ fans  can only rotate a max. of 130 rpm at full power for a 52″ blade.  Our motor however can run up to 220 rpm and move up to 33% more air for the same energy use.  In practice the fan would be run at lower speeds for effortless, quiet, streamlined and far more efficient airflow.  For these reasons we can offer a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects in the motor whereas most other brands are only 3 years or a maximum of 10 or sometimes 20 years.


Sizing Guide

As a guide one Kestrel ceiling fan can cover a maximum area of approx. 30m2. (less for vaulted ceilings).


Features and benefits

  • Body finishes – Matt black.
  • Blade finishes – Light koa (slightly darker than maple).
  • Blade sizes – Medium 52″/132cm blade sweep.
  • Blade style – Carved by CNC and hand-finished, they are the same beautiful 3D shape as the Zephyr fan.
  • Blade detail – 3 Non-warp solid strong wood finger-jointed milled and hand-balanced blades to within 5 g tolerance, painted to give a natural finish.
  • Motor power use – Medium 35 watts at max 220 rpm 2.2w at min. 53 rpm.
  • Large air movement – Provides a max airflow of 10,600 m3/h at top speed of 220 rpm.
  • Floor Coverage – 25-30 m2
  • No Wobble balanced motor and blades – To avoid any annoying and noise-inducing wobbles.
  • Breeze assured – 100% laminar flow up to speed 4 from slow rpm with no uncomfortable turbulent airflow that buffets and dries out the eyes.Zephyr_fan_whisper_quiet
  • Airflow noise – At max speed just 35db, at lowest speed the sound is imperceptible so great for bedrooms.
  • Remote control –  6-speed with reverse, timer, light control and wall cradle.
  • Mounting styles – Short drop rod for regular or sloping roof up to 20° angle giving a total drop of 12.5 inches/32cm.
  • LED light kit – A colour temperature 4,000k pure white, 600 lumens output and 17 watts low-energy use giving the equivalent of 50 watts output.
  • Weight 7 kg.
  • Voltage 240V – 50 HZ.
  • Damp and sea climate use – The motor is suitable for use in outside damp, humid and sea-salt climate locations and patios provided the fan is covered (no direct water, non-IP rated).
  • Blade wood sustainable source – Certified from sustainable fast-growing forests.
  • Manufacturer – Premium quality well-established 1965 Taiwanese ceiling fan factory.
  • Motor Type  – Totally silent, low-energy, high efficiency eco, brushless DC control with no motor noise, buzzes or hums. Quick fit installation.
  • Motor Certifications –  US UL, Intertek ETL & CE certifications
  • Reversible motor – Yes, set on remote.
  • Reliability – Very high and compact size due to copper wire stator and 46w rated motor only loaded a max of 75% in operation.
  • Warranty – Lifetime on motor, 1 year on remote and rest of fan.
  • Metal finish warranty – 3 Year rust-proof.


Technical Data

The relevant technical data are shown below covering performance and the fan dimensions.









Additional Information

Installation and operating manual – not available.



Additional information

Motor Finish

Blade Colour

Fan Size

Blade Colour (both sides)


Air Flowrate m3/h


DC Low Energy


Year Launched

Control Included


Reversible Motor


3 reviews for Henley Kestrel Solid-Wood Designer Eco DC LED Ceiling Fan 52″/132cm, 46w High-Power, Lifetime Warranty – New for 2024!

  1. Nice style and colour – Josie Hopkins (verified owner)

    I am really pleased with this fan which we got for our bedroom. It is surprisingly quiet, in fact no noise at all on the low speeds which is perfect for us as we are light sleepers.

  2. Beautiful Blades – Patrick Neustedter (verified owner)

    We were offered this fan on approval and I was impressed sufficiently to keep it. It is a lovely looking fan with beautiful curvy blades which also generates a nice strong airflow.

  3. Good design – Angela Whitehead (verified owner)

    We had a few problems understanding the manual but the fan went together fine and looks great now it is up. The operation is nice and more than enough breeze for our 20ft lounge.

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