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Henley Zephyr LED Low Energy 122cm,152cm Designer Ceiling Fan with Light, Remote & Lifetime Warranty

(7 customer reviews)


LED version of the ever popular and stylish Zephyr low-energy ceiling fan.  In addition to it’s great performance as a beautiful ceiling fan with unique solid-wood blades, it has an integrated dimmable LED light kit with a warm 3000K temperature and white frosted glass shade, 6-speed remote control and Lifetime Warranty on the motor.

It’s silent motor makes it perfect for bedrooms and it’s style gives impact to lounges, offices, restaurants, pubs. It can also handle damp, humid and salty environments and so is ideal for conservatories and seaside condos.  (Note Pics are of 152cm size)


Zephyr Ceiling Fan – With Warm LED Light Kit

Our best selling designer ceiling fan just got better with the addition of these great LED light kit versions that come with a warm 3,000K light and quality glass shade.

Since its launch in June 2016 the Zephyr has become our best selling and most reliable model with the highest levels of customer satisfaction by far.  Our customers really love them.  The name Zephyr is taken from the Greek god Zephyrus, who was god of the west wind, bringer of the light and early spring breezes.  It certainly lives up to its name with an unmatched performance! The larger sized 180cm/72″ fan moves a massive 14,400 m3/h of air smoothly with laminar flow, by slowly stirring it at just 50-132 rpm with an incredibly low 28 watts of power!

The Zephyr is rated for damp and sea climate use.   This means that the motor is suitable for use in outside damp, humid and sea-salt climate locations provided the fan is kept covered (ie no direct water, non-IP rated).   The rust-proof finish has a warranty of 3 years.  Also ideal for conservatories that get cold and damp in the winter with condensation or seaside condos and even in boats or ships (with a voltage regulator).

The Zephyr comes with a 2.4G wifi 6-speed remote control, is totally quiet, very efficient and extremely reliable.  The stylish design with the hidden slimline very compact motor and upwards sloping blades make this model very popular in many countries where it is sold under different brand names but with only a 10 year warranty.  We have increased the specification and so can offer it with a Lifetime Warranty. This is without doubt one of the best quality, best value, best looking ceiling fans that we sell.

Variations of the Zephyr are taking the world by storm and it has proved to be very popular in Asia, the Middle East and USA.  Now we have made it available to the European market and our customers just love them.  Why settle for anything less? Just compare the quality, design and performance with other fans for this price.  It is a choice you won’t regret – we haven’t had a single return from a dissatisfied customer in 6 years!

The Best Integrated LED Light Kit Available

It has taken a while to develop a satisfactory LED light kit version to reach our very high standards in terms of performance and longevity.  This version has passed the post and is now available in stock in four motor finishes and two blade finishes.  The light kit specification is as follows:

  • Integrated dimmable 18w LED light kit – light colour warm white (3,000 K, 1,596 lumens), beam angle 120 °, lifespan 20,000 hours, CRI 80, energy efficiency class A, controlled by either the remote or wall control.
  • The light kit contains built-in LED lamps that cannot be individually replaced but the complete panel can be if needed – we keep spares.
  • Pure White frosted glass shade diffuser – To ensure a pleasant diffused light is provided.  Glass transmits more light than plastic and doesn’t waste the energy as heat.  Replacement glasses and kits are also available separately if required.  We have visited the glass factory in Taiwan that manufactures this shade (and met its legendary owner who is in his 70’s and been making shades for over 50 years) as it is rated as the best quality bespoke glass factory in Asia.  Note: The glass is a pure white shade and not cream as the pictures tend to show.

zephyrous god of the west spring windFinishes & Sizes

The Zephyr LED has slightly thicker blades than the non-LED version.  In 2023 we have added the 48″/122cm size in all finishes also with either Light Wood or Walnut blades.

  • 4 x Housing canopy, drop rod finishes – Brushed chrome, matt black lacquer, matt white lacquer, brushed brass
  • Blade size – Medium 60″/152cm, Small 48″/122cm
  • 2 x Blade finishes – Dark walnut or light natural wood.
  • Blade thickness –  65mm thick.
  • Longer standard length drop rods – Available in 24″/61cm and 40″/100cm in all motor finishes – see separate listing here.
  • Extra-long drop rods – Available in 78″/2m and 117″/3m in black, brushed chrome (2m only) or custom painted colour –see separate listing here.

Zephyr ceiling fanFeatures & Benefits:

  • Great modern style – with upwards sweeping blades.
  • Hidden slimline compact high-efficiency EC/DC brushless inverter driven, patented motor.
  • Breeze assured – 100% laminar flow from slow rpm with no uncomfortable turbulent airflow.
  • Totally silent motor and no airflow noise – Speeds 1-3 below German VDE certification institute in Offenbach lower measurable limit of 32dbA, speed 4 =34 dbA, speed 5 = 36 dbA, speed 6 = 40dbA
  • 3 Non-warp solid strong sycamore wood finger-jointed milled and hand-balanced blades to within 5 g tolerance.
  • Remote control – 2.4G wifi 6-speed with reverse and wall cradle. Fully configurable zoning.
  • Drop rod (20cm) and mounting kit included, total drop from ceiling to bottom of blades 30cm.
  • Balanced motor and blades to avoid wobbles.
  • Blade pitch 13°.
  • Weight 7 kg.
  • Voltage 240V – 50 HZ.
  • Airflow rates for medium: 9,200 m3/h using 16 W at 144 rpm, small: 6,600m3/h using 11w at 145 rpm.
  • Speeds – 50 rpm lowest to 145 rpm highest
  • Lifetime Warranty on motor, 1 year on remote, light kit and rest of fan.
  • Spare LED kits and glasses available.
  • Max angle for sloped ceilings is 16°.  It can be increased to 40 ° by a minor modification – please call for details.
  • 3 Year rust-proof warranty for the finish.
  • Damp and sea climate use – The motor is suitable for use in outside damp, humid and sea-salt climate locations and patios provided the fan is covered (no direct water, non-IP rated).  Ideal for seaside condos and boats or ships (with voltage regulator).
  • ENERGY STAR © – Low energy certified.
  • US UL & EC, CE and German GS certifications.


Special Drop Rods for High and Extra-High Ceilings

We do offer extension drop rods to handle high ceilings and bring the fan down to the recommended 8-10 ft height for the best operation.  They can operate higher and will still move the stated airflow but will not feel as strong at head height.  The are available in all finishes for two standard lengths 24″/61cm  and 40″/100cm and in black, brushed chrome or custom painted finish in 78″/2m and 117″/3m, see the separate listing for details.



Wall Control for Hotels & Restaurants – New 2024!

Whilst a remote handset with a wall bracket is fine for domestic use it becomes a problem for hotels and restaurants where handsets can easily get lost or stolen adding to maintenance costs.

The COHZWC is a brand new design surface-mounted wall control that requires no mains supply (2 x AAA batteries) and so can be placed anywhere in the room.  It has all the functions of the remote control ie 6-speed, forward/reverse, light on/off, dimming, sleep timer and pairing.  Thisis now available and can be easily retrofitted to an existing Zephyr. For more info please see the listing here.


Zephyr Manual and Datasheet

Open the datasheet for downloading.

Download the installation and operating instruction manual.


Most Efficient Energy Star Ceiling Fan Tested By US Government

The 110v sister version of the Zephyr has the same motor and has become one of the best selling designer ceiling fans in the USA.  It is one of only a few to be awarded the Energy Star Most Efficient ceiling fan for energy usage in 2017 and 2018 by the US government.  This independent body tested it to give an incredible 1,127 cfm/watt.








“Worth Every Penny”!

Our customers love this fan too – see what they are saying.  Click on image to go to the TrustPilot site then search on Zephyr to see all the reviews on it.











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Wooble Free Canopy System


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The Zephyr Designer Ceiling Fan Video

The Powerful EC/DC Brushless Inverter Slimline Motor

For a detailed technical explanation of why these EC motors are so efficient read the article in EC motors explained from the Editor of Appliance Design.  Below we summarise the benefits.

At the heart of a ceiling fan is its motor so lets take a closer look at the unique EC/DC brushless inverter motor in the Zephyr.  The Zephyr uses a similar motor to the £2,000 Haiku ceiling fan but without the crazy price tag!  Taiwan is known to be the World lead in DC vector motor technology and energy-saving inverter controllers not just for ceiling fans but for many appliances such as fridges, freezers and air conditioning.  Inverter technology produces energy savings of up to 70% over conventional AC comparing like-for-like airflow.

It is called inverter as it converts mains AC to DC to change the wave cycle and then inverts it back to AC to give very precise control and efficiency.  The Taiwanese manufacturer spent 3 years of research and development to create this amazing motor (followed by independent testing by the Taiwan ministry of energy).  The final patented DC motor driver board that they developed makes the motor run smoother and quieter thus eliminating any noise.  These motors have been in production for a number of years now and are no longer just the preserve of the ultra-expensive ceiling fan models.

EC motors are brushless DC motors with external electronic controllers. The rotor contains permanent magnets and the stator has a set of fixed windings. The controller continually switches the phases in the windings to keep the motor turning. The energy losses internally generated by this electronic control are much lower plus these motors are not limited to set speeds and so typically have 6 speeds.  For more information about these motors watch this video and for more background information about the history and differences between DC vs AC ceiling fans.  The advantages of this patented motor are as follows:

  • Efficiency – An EC DC motor give 70% enHenleyfan_zephyr_Eco_low_energy_ceiling_fan_walnut_closeupergy savings over an AC motor for the same airflow
  • Size – A smaller motor can be used to produce the same power output.
  • Voltage Variations – The motors are not affected by variations in voltage or frequency like AC motors are and so run very smoothly.
  • Speed control – AC fans use capacitors to control the speed which can start to make noise or fail in time.  The circuit controls the speed in a linear fashion and so can run at a bigger range of speeds.
  • Protection – Included in EC motor electronics is protection against: voltage overload, low voltage conditions, phase loss, power surges, locked rotor and overheating.  None of this protection is available on an AC motor.
  • Soft Start – The electronics of an EC motor can provide a soft start, reducing startup current spikes and preventing nuisance breaker trips, and allowing lower component ratings in the system.
  • No Cogging – This phenomena means that a motor with no load a DC motor can sometimes fail to start. But with full sine wave control this is eliminated completely.
  • Noise – With speed controlled AC motors, noise levels will show spikes corresponding with the voltage frequency (motor hum), but not so with EC motors.  This motor is totally quiet and so ideal for bedrooms or places where the ambient sound levels are very low.
  • Cooler operation – The increased efficiency creates a cooler running motor at 30°c instead of the 70°c of an ac motor, essential for a ceiling fan whose main purpose it to cool!
  • Reliability – A lower motor temperature = lower bearing temperature = more reliability.
  • 2.4G WiFi – Reliable wireless communication technology for the remote control avoids interference and can pass through internal walls easier as well as provide for unlimited zoning permutations.
  • Simple 2 screw install system.



7 reviews for Henley Zephyr LED Low Energy 122cm,152cm Designer Ceiling Fan with Light, Remote & Lifetime Warranty

  1. Zoe Pemberton-Bates (verified owner)

    The blades arrived with some dents in which we had to wait a few days for some replacements but apart from that the fan works great and the light is perfect for our bedroom.

  2. Terry Lawrence (verified owner)

    We loved the style of this fan and were surprised at just how well it works in our bedroom – it was a Godsend in the hot summer nights, so quiet and refreshing to have some nice gentle air movement which saved me from waking up in the usual horrible sweats.

  3. Anne Townsend (verified owner)

    This product was simple, beautiful and effective – just how life should be!

  4. Jason Tompkins (verified owner)

    We are very happy with our choice – we had a slight problem setting the remote up but was quickly resolved with a call to their office.

  5. Matthew Hunt (verified owner)

    We bought this in April 2021 to cool our bedroom and it has been wonderful. At the low speeds it is extremely quiet so can be left on all night and was invaluable during the 2022 heatwave. It looks great as well, really stylish.

  6. Sarah Casey (verified owner)

    We purchased two of these fans which arrived quickly. I think we made a good choice as they make a real difference and look great too.

  7. Mark Singleton (verified owner)

    I made a good decision to buy this fan – it ticks all the boxes and I am very happy with it. It is rare to find such good quality with things like a real frosted glass shade.

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