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Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Trouble-Shooting and FAQ Guide

If you experience a problem with your ceiling fan that cannot be resolved by first reading the Installation and Operating Instructions that came with it then please take a minute to read our frequently-asked-questions section below which covers over 90% of the common problems experienced by our customers.  Then if possible please send a short email to us on the address above outlining the problem and what model you have along with a copy of your receipt. Then call our technical helpline on the office number above where we will try to assist.   If we have an email in advance of your call it will help us to help you as we can check our database for anything unusual and won’t need to waste time checking our records for your purchase.

If you have just purchased the products and are having trouble installing them or getting them to work then please get your electrician to call us straight away.  The vast majority of problems are simple things to fix.  Also before calling please check that the batteries are working in any remote controls (we supply new Duracell batteries) and that the fan runs with power running directly to the fan and NOT via a receiver.

Q. Can I have remote control and wall control at the same time?
A. No it is either/or.  You need to decide what is the best option for you before installing the fan as using both will not let the fan work properly.

Q. Will one remote control operate several fans?
A. Yes. One remote control will operate more than one fan and can in fact control up to 8 different fans but you will need to have a receiver in each fan to do this. You would need to order extra receivers if you intend to do this if it is a fan that doesn’t come with a remote control.  Simply set the dip switches on all the receivers to be on the same channel as the remote (they are numbered from 1 to 4).  You can use the dip switches to set up any configuration of fans you wish against each remote.

Q. Will one wall control operate more than one fan?
A. No. You will need one wall control per fan.

Q. Are all the fans able to work in the UK without adjustments or transformers?
A. Yes. All the fans we offer have already been adapted for the UK and Europe so there is nothing extra that you need or that you need to do for their operation.

Q. Could I cut the drop rods down to different size?
A. Yes. You will need to make sure you are able to cut through the pipe but also be able to drill a 8.5mm diameter hole through both sides of the pipe for the pin to hold the trilobular ball in place.

Q. May I add a wall control to my existing electric circuit?
A. The wall control will require 4 core wiring if the fan has a light. This means it will need to have 1 x earth, 1 x neutral and it will need 2 x live wires (“switchable live” for the light). The wall control cannot be used alongside any other lighting systems. If you have a fan with no light then 3 core is fine.

Q. If I have an Outdoor Element fan can I have the wall control outside?
A. No the wall control is not for outdoor use so would need to be inside.

Q. How do I reset the Hunter 24756/96 remote control receiver?

A. To reset the remote control receiver please follow instructions below:

1- Turn off the mains.

2- Undo the 3 screws in the top canopy and lower it. There you will see the receiver be it black or white.

3- Disconnect the receiver from the mains and attach the fan directly to the mains

4- Turn on the mains and use the pull chains. Set the fan at the highest speed and turn the light on if you have one.

5- Turn the mains off

6- Reconnect the receiver to the mains do not touch pull chains from now on. DO NOT cut the short chains however you can just not connect the fandangle chain.

7- Fan should come back on in full speed and with the light on so from there you can use the remote transmitter ( handset).

If it still does not work and the receiver is black you will then have to decide to buy new remote control pack or use pull chains for future use. At this point if you decide to use pull chains then you can disconnect the receiver and use them.

If it is a white receiver with a code of 24796 or 24756 then you will need to order just a receiver.

Q. I have installed a wall control and since I used the pullchain my fan no longer works.

A. Once a wall control is installed then the pullchains must NOT be pulled.  This is stated clearly on the instructions. If you do it once or twice it will set the fan out of kilter so that it will not operate properly. Repeated use will render the wall control inoperative requiring a replacement.

Q. What direction should my fan spin in for normal cooling operation?
A. It should rotate anti-clockwise.  If you reverse it to bring down trapped heat from the ceiling then it should rotate clockwise.