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Wall Mounted And Small Designer Fans

Wall Mounted Designer Fans

We stock most of the models and variations of the Matthews Atlas wall-mounted designer fans.  We also can provide the amazing custom made-to-order range from Matthews Gerbar. A wall mounted fan is great for confined spaces or places where a ceiling fan would be impractical such as a narrow corridor or where the ceiling is too low for a ceiling fan for health and safety reasons.  They are also good for when you want to keep staff from overheating such as a coffee shop or where a focused strong flow of air to remove strong heat from a heat source such as in a restaurant servery or a computer server bank.

Matthews Gerbar Range of Double Rotational Ceiling Fans

These are hand made in Brazil to order.  These are hung from the ceiling on a drop rod and so technically are ceiling fans but look and operate more like wall fans.  We will be adding full details here shortly but to see the range go to their site and call us for a price.  We also stock the Aqua (double rotational), Kaye and Diane models from the Matthews Atlas range. that we have included below.

Small Ceiling, Wall and Desk fans

Many modern domestic kitchens use wall or small diameter ceiling fans such as the one above. Since they have much smaller diameter blades than ceiling fans the blades will need to move faster to generate a decent enough airflow.  This means a slightly more noisy fan of a higher pitch from both the motor and the propeller noise.  Also the airflow is not going to be smooth and laminar like with a good quality ceiling fan.  Hence they should only be used in places where the background noise levels are not low and are not recommended for bedrooms.

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