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Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Lifetime Warranty?
A. Please note that the extended Lifetime Warranty only covers the motor and for failure resulting from substandard or defective materials or workmanship.  Damage caused by other means such as water, condensation, damp, electrical surges, incorrect installation, hits from object, earthquakes and other acts of God are not!  Other electrical faults with remotes, receivers etc are covered for one year only.  Damage or faults with blades, hanging kits, controls over one year old etc are not covered.  We only provide warranty repair and replacement for fans or products purchased directly from us.   Any faults or issues should be dealt with by the retailer where you purchased the fan from.  If they no longer exist then please call us making clear where you bought the fan from and we will do our best to try and assist.

Q. What conditions apply to the Lifetime Warranty?
A. There is no need to register but you need to have proof-of-purchase eg invoice and the fan must be with the original purchaser and at the original installation address.

Q. Can you troubleshoot the problem with my fan?
A. Yes we can try as there are very few things to go wrong.  Please get your electrician to call or email our office and ask for technical support.  Please provide adequate details and pictures.  We will normally respond within one working day.  If it is urgent, eg your electrician is on-site then please call our office number above and ask to speak to technical support.  If he cannot solve it immediately he has contact with the right people in the fan manufacturers to ensure a resolution is reached.

Q. Do you stock spares?
A. Yes we do stock a wide range of spares and certainly the commonly used ones for current and some discontinued models. Please go to Accessories then Spares. If we don’t have them in stock then it can take up to 3 months or so to get them and if the model is discontinued and we are out of stock then we probably are unable to help.

Q. Will you pay for electricians fees for fixing my fan?
A. No we do not pay any electricians fees.  We sell products that have all been fully factory tested so will be fault free.  They are also well packaged and so very unlikely to be damaged in transit which in any case would be evident on installation.  It is possible that the installer damages them by dropping or wrongly wiring them up or that a voltage spike causes damage (which is more common that one might expect).  The risks of this happening falls on the customer.  If you don’t want to take this risk them please ask your installer to provide you with the products on a “supply and fit” basis.

Q. Who pays the costs to return my fan?

Apart from the first month in which we will cover the costs of any return carriage due to faults, the extended motor and any other warranties are provided on a “return-to-base” basis. This means that it needs to be taken down, packed up well and returned to our offices for testing, inspection and repair at your cost.  The repair is free and after repair/replacement we will return it back to you covering the cost of carriage.

If it is less than one year old and the fan develops a fault we will help identify what the fault is and will send you the replacement part to fix it.  The parts are modular and can usually be identified for faults.  If it is simply a part missing, a remote not working or replacement wire harness (which simply snaps in) then we will send you the part you need.  If it is a more serious problem then you will need to send the unit to us and we will test it to determine the fault and either repair or replace the unit.

If it turns out to be due to an electrical surge or incorrect installation then the repair will need to be paid for as the warranty only covers for faults in the product or manufacture. In line with other distributors and domestic products we will not pay the costs to uninstall and reinstall the repaired/replacement fan.

Q. I bought my fan in another country from another reseller and it has now developed a fault. Will you fix it for me?
A. If it is one of the current 240v models that we sell me might be able to assist you with the spares you might need.  Since other countries stock different models and voltages to us we probably won’t have the spares.   It does not cover fans that have been moved to new locations, countries or owners so if you purchased it outside of the UK then go back to your original retailer.

Q. I have a very old ceiling fan that has developed a fault.  Will you replace it for me for free?

A. No, we will only provide technical support and entertain warranty claims for fans purchased from us or our resellers.  We started in 2006 so technical support and warranty claims for any fans purchased before that need to be taken up with the shop you purchased it from or directly with the manufacturer.  You will also need proof of purchase if you didn’t register your purchase at the time.  If you wish to use our free technical support then please follow the procedure below.

Q. I can buy a Hunter fan much cheaper in the USA. Why is that?
A. The fans we sell are for the 240v European market. They have undergone separate development, testing, approvals etc to comply with EC standards. The costs of shipping, import duty, warehousing, staff, selling, support and courier costs are all much higher here than in the USA often by a factor of 100%. Additionally, we have higher taxes and a much smaller market here so our marketing costs are much higher. We could compromise on quality, service and support but we believe that for long term success our customers will respect our presence, a successful business combined with the Hunter brand and quality. We make a modest profit as we plough back our revenues into making our business better for our customers. Our prices are in fact cheaper than a lot of other European countries.

Q. I can buy a ceiling fan for £50 in my local DIY shed. Why are yours 10 x that price?
A. You need to compare apples with apples. Read through the About Hunter section and Fan Facts of this site where we try to explain what innovations and quality are built into our products. Everything from the thickness of wire used in the motor to the wood in the blades. Now ask your local DIY shed – if you can actually find anyone who knows the first thing about ceiling fans working there – whether any of these features exist in their products. Many cheap fans fail after 15 months, just outside of the statutory 1 year electrical goods warranty period or else develop annoying hums, vibrations or wobbles in addition to not moving air efficiently.  The true cost of installing such “junk” will dwarf a sensible investment in a quality ceiling fan such as Hunter, effectively losing your money.  The economics don’t stack up – you simply cannot buy a BMW for the price of a Fiat.

Q. Can I use a fan that I purchased from the USA in the UK?
A. No as the voltage is different as is the electrical frequency which would generate all sort of annoying hums. You could use a transformer but European safety and electrical standards are different to US ones so we would not recommend it.  We do not provide any support for fans that are not 240v.

Q. Am I able to return a fan if I don’t like it or don’t like the finish?
A. Yes you can within 14 days subject to certain conditions – Please read our section on returns under Support.